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The Rum Diaries

They Buried Her Alive In 1945

4 June
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I'm Elizabeth. hi,nicetomeetyou! So, yeah, I'm kinda short. 5'1... I'm not going to grow anymore. I'm 18, and homeschooled. Or was. Whatever. I live in Kansas. It's cool. Kindof. There's not a lot to do, but I'm kinda popular, so it's okay. I'm part of the gang The Brookeside 5. We play SuperSmash Melee, Magic: The Gathering, and go to 7-11. I'm French, German, Swedish, so I'm really pale. I'm originally from Mississippi, and have my own super gang there, as well.

i likeeee

super nintendo, coke black, gogol bordello, Thumper from Bambi, peaches, and peach flavored things, dumb little surveys, taco bell, dr. pepper, cigarettes (iknowthey'rebadforme. shutit.), sailor moon manga, gift cards, people who start conversations

I dislikeeee

big parties, making food, onions, baseball, trucks, the sound of metal against metal, carrots, chocolate (idon'tcare. shutit.), Panic! at the Disco, and chat rooms.

i loveeee
Mia, Brooke, Jon, Joe, Trey, and Walden!!

I used to have a better bio profile thingy in my last journal, but some assface broke into it and deleted my LiveJournal, along with my e-mail, MySpace, and AIM screen name. The current plan for my future is to hunt said person down, and kill them.